Banana Lit


Banana Lit renders all past experimentalisms obsolete by attending to the very thing they have ignored: bananas.

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2013 Blurb: "Every literary movement up until now has failed. Why? They each failed to deal with the basic aspect of the materiality of language. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet of things, such a gross aberration is no longer tenable. Banana Lit is interested not just in the representations of bananas, but in the banana itself. Reality does not get lost behind the symbol - Alt Lit recently died (to say nothing of the nail in flarf and conceptualism's coffins over a decade ago) because it wasn't Tao Lin. Banana Lit is better than Alt Lit because it doesn't have Tao Lin - it has bananas. And bananas are real. (written by our Sponsor, Jesus)"


Ahmed Rashid

Bridget Dejohn

Ceren Guven

David Dao Ellena

Dion Charleton

Donna Saimon

Faxing Bananas, the Linux Invitro reply to Currie and Moorcock's Non-synchronic Timescaling and the Fax Machine Why Cybernetics is the Banana.

Jeremy Hight

Joe Bussiere


Pedro Paulo Rocha

Rina Liddle

Rob LaPrey

Sasha Gymn

Silke Kuhar

Timo Tukhanen

Toast McFarland

Saffron Taylor