Comprehensive Malfunction


Saturated colours, science fiction shapes, a lack of coordination - this is a room of speculative objects. Kinetic visuals and foreign mechanical processes, each aspect disconnected. What does art have to say about science? What role does hypothesis have in aesthetic contexts?

Comprehensive Malfunction asks about knowledge in practice, about materialized and manifest things, and what they have to do with proper use. Comprehensive as in complete containers, grasping, a notion of understanding - and malfunction exploring how things work, when they work, and when they don't. Understanding is tested when put into practice, failure becoming apparent upon breakdown.

Glitches, noise, errors and the fallible make up a visual approach to the limits of our action. Comprehensive Malfunction looks to explore that, to explore the new technological products of knowing, and to find the disjunctive seams of both their understanding and undoing.


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