Flesh and Structure: The Biopolitical Commons is an assembly of net work that uses common methods to investigate the intersection of technical construction and embodied use. Instead of fetishizing the technical possibilities of web space, or seeking out an ur-space in the abstractions of its code, these works use quotidian video and picture methods to bring the virtual back in dialogue with the popular body in all its visceral messiness and plurality. This is a world for the participant-consumer, for whom high-tech is not simply a potential academic endeavour, but a reality of everyday activity. This is a world of inverted exclusion, favouring the art of selfies and personal expressionism where these actions are alienated from the public sphere. It is not about expertise, excellence and professionalism, but about inevitability, failure and the grotesque. The folk, the remix, and the sharing community are put in the forefront of collective experience, countering the privileged, the consistently branded and spectacle-oriented project co-ordinator. This is the biopolitical commons, a networked response of fleshly proportions to a world of technical and mythical saturation.

Flesh and Structure is featured in the 2013 Wrong Biennale (