Meme Cultures


everything you've written has been distilled into a few jokes

all your suffering can't be related if we can't find a way to turn it into a soundbite - language doesn't tell everything but that's better than nothing

critical thought began as a bar joke, a pithy insult, a proverbial statement that eliminated people in favour of generalities

tfw the best way to express tragedy is with humour

never underestimate the superficial - anyone you don't know, take time to get to know their expressions - find suitable descriptions to contextualize and validate them

share things with your friends

a post-technological reckoning - an analysis of the increasingly product-driven varolization of knowledge - where space is given as a series of symbolic approximations - nostalgia for home, the highest statistical logo probability

how things used to be

Personal Masses

Memetic Aphorisms and Methods for Post Computational Thought